Exploring the convergence of entrepreneurship, policy, technology, investment and international development

On May 1, 2013 the U.S. Department of State, Stanford's d.school, Unreasonable at Sea, and the Aspen Institute will co-host a global gathering of some of the most influential people on earth. The goal? Explore how and why entrepreneurship and design-thinking are key to solving the seemingly intractable challenges of our time. 


Location: Washington DC

15 Global Startups Will Take Stage

Collectively, the 15 companies who will be joining us have already raised tens of millions of dollars and are generating millions more in revenue.  They have been selected from Unreasonable Group from well over 1,000 applications from just shy of 100 countries. Beyond profits, they are impacting millions of individuals directly with their technologies, and have achieved operational scale in over 30 countries and 5 continents. Their expertise ranges from astrophysicists, to artificial intelligence, to biological, mechanical, software, medical and electrical engineers, to industrial designers, scientists, doctors, and operational masterminds. What unites them is a shared belief that their technology will help define progress in our time and a common eagerness to scale globally. Quick descriptions of each company is below... 

Innoz - Mobile Phones As A Learning Tool  //  unreasonable@sea alumni

With over 120 million active users Innoz is the largest offline search in the world. Innoz is transforming the mobile device into a learning tool by giving its users access to the internet and all its information via SMS. (watch TED talk)

Damascus Fortune - Spaceships From Carbon Emissions  //  unreasonable@sea alumni

Profitably sequestering carbon emissions out of the atmosphere with nanotechnology.  Forbes 30 Under 30 and recognized by MIT's Technology Review on "The Top 20 Innovators List." 

Aqua- Combating The Water Crisis  //  unreasonable@sea & unreasonable institute alumni

Installs all-natural plant systems to purify water at scale without any chemicals.  Currently operating in 4 countries, providing clean drinking water to over 300,000 people, and made over $4,000,000 in profits in the last 3 years.

Aunt Bertha - Connecting civil service with need-based services  //  unreasonable institute alumni

Aunt Bertha focuses on connecting the underprivileged with need- based services while significantly improving the backend operations and customer outreach for government and social service programs that provide these services.

Guru-G - Democratizing Access To Quality Teachers  //  unreasonable@sea alumni

Created a "gamified" teaching software platform that is intuitive, affordable, and easily adopted by teachers, schools, and governments in emerging markets.  Currently reaching 300,000 teachers. 

Prakti Design - Unlocking The Global Stove Market  //  unreasonable@sea & unreasonable institute alumni

Cookstove developer, designer, and manufacturer and distributor.  Ranked most efficient affordable stove in the world by Berkeley Labs, with operations currently in 5 countries and over 250,000 meals served a day from their stoves. 

Solar Ear - Solar Powered Hearing Aids  //  unreasonable@sea alumni

The world's first and only digitally programmable and solar rechargeable hearing aids. Products sold in over 40 countries across Africa and generated over $1,000,000 in revenue.

Edom Solutions - Fortified flours  //  unreasonable@sea alumni

Provides solutions to micro-nutrient malnutrition by fortifying staple flours children & young women who are limited by expense & imprecision to access Iron, Vitamin A & Zinc is our mission. Currently reaching over 1 million customers across Africa. 

 Inventure - Credit scoring and accounting for the offline world //  unreasonable institute alumni

Provides the education, financial metrics and partnerships to revolutionize the low-income financial service industry. Through their mobile platform, InVenture is profitably providing growth capital to women run businesses in emerging markest across. 

Protei - Ocean Drones For Oil Spills  //  unreasonable@sea alumni

Wind-powered, shape-shifting, open-source sailing robots used to sense and clean the ocean. This autonomous robot will be leveraged to clean up oil spills and plastic in the ocean as well as collect invaluable data about our environment. (watch TED talk)

Evolving Technologies - Medical Solutions For The Developing World  //  unreasonable@sea alumni

Creates radically affordable and locally appropriate biotechnologies for emerging markets. Their main product today is a light, portable edoscopy for woman's health that is 10 times cheaper than current market alternatives. 

One Earth Designs - World's Most Efficient Solar Concentrator  //  unreasonable@sea & unreasonable institute alumni

Designed, manufacturing, and selling the most efficient solar concentrator on earth. 

BioSense - low-cost medical technology  //  unreasonable institute alumni

Building non-invasive locally appropriate technologies to eliminate maternal and infant deaths caused by anemia.  (watch TED talk)